Learning Barriers

To create an optimum school environment for children with learning barriers
Vergezicht Private School
is suitably adapted to support the learners, whilst still maintaining a good level of academic expectations.

Vergezicht Private School  supports and nurtures children with barriers to learning such as:   


Language difficulties



Slight vision and hearing impairment

Reading and writing difficulties


Math problems

The management team of the school is well suited to deal with barriers to learning and includes:

At Vergezicht Private School we have regular learner discussions between the management and the staff, so that each child ‘s unique problems and achievements could be addressed and therapeutic inputs suggested .

A team of learning support therapists (Speech-, Occupational-, Remedial and Play Therapy) is available.

After school the children have an hour of homework class under the supervision of teachers.

The school uses the Nessy software, specially aimed at addressing Dyslexia.

                   Learning happens when it’s fun!