Tests & Exams

At Vergezicht Private School we know that tests and exams can cause a lot of stress. We comply with the CAPS requirements but still have a lot of support built into our system. Therefore:

  • To assist weak or dyslexic readers we use of a uniform font. (Comic Sans) The point size is always 14, except in Grade 7, where the point size is 12.
  • We follow a system of Alternative Assessment, so that children with barriers to learning can reach their full potential in tests and examinations.
    These are:
  • Individual reading of papers where necessary
  • Individual reading of papers and scribing of answers where necessary
  • Emotional support for anxious children during assessments.
  • A form of alternative assessment called “redirecting” to assist a child whose focus  (often due to ADHD) might stray during tests.
  • Some children are allowed to write tests or examinations separately from the rest of the class if they battle with poor focus, or when they feel anxious.
  • Some children get a dispensation in the form of extra time to complete a paper.